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Bore Licensing



In NSW bore licensing is not necessary for stock and domestic bores, but you do need to obtain permit from state water. This is done so a record can be kept of all bores to avoid over use of an aquifer.

This permit costs $230. When you call state water have your Lot and DP Number handy so they can locate your property.

If you need a bore for commercial purposes such as irrigation, mining, aquaculture, feedlots, piggeries, poultry farms, golf/sporting areas, guest accommodation, water bottling, snow making then you will need a license.

In some areas you may not get a license to drill a bore for commercial activities, you may have to buy an existing one.

For permits on the north coast of NSW call 02 6676 7380

For all other areas call 1800 353 104


In Qld a landholder generally does not need a permit for a stock and domestic bore. It is the drillers obligation to submit to the department or environment and resource management all details of the construction of the bore. In some areas licenses are required to drill a water bore including intersection of the sediments of the great artesian basin.

Click here for information about bore licensing and permits in qld