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Bore Development Is Cleaning The Adjacent Aquifer


Bore development is a very important part of constructing a water bore. There many different types of screens that can be used. But they will not keep the fine sand from entering the hole without using a gravel pack. By developing the bore it flushes the fine sand from the aquifer surrounding the screen. 

Fractured basalt aquifers usually have little sand in them and clean up quite quickly. 

We use compressed air to develop a bore, flushing sand and any remaining sidiment from the surrounding aquifer.

Depending on the aquifer this can take anything from half an hour to several hours. It is continued until there is no sign of any sand coming from the bore.

If a bore is developed properly it will increase the life of the pump. If fine sand enters the hole it will eventually fill the hole to the pump level and damage will result.


Photos taken while developing a bore

Bore development

Bore development 2