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Bore Flow Test


A bore flow test can be performed when ever a noticeable amount of water is drilled. This test is used as a guide only. It will not give an accurate measurement like a pump test. A bore flow test can be carried out while the bore is being developed.

Because the water is lifted to the surface with compressed air it creates a form of back pressure on the aquifer, and tends to hold back the water to some extent. Most bores will produce up to 20% more with a proper pump test.

A flow test can be done using a weir board, A weir board is usually made from a flat sheet of steel with a “V” cut in it. There are standard measurements up the “V” notch indicating the Gallons per hour. The higher the water comes up the “V” the more water is available.

A more accurate way of testing flow is by measuring the amount of flow using a bucket and recording the time it takes to fill it.


Photo of flow test using weir board

Flow test using weir board